• Feature: Add ManiaControl convert script. See documentation on converting from old controller for instructions.
  • Improved: Add documentation on how to convert to the right database collation.


  • Bugfix: Fixing issue in the Dymanic Pointlimit app that results in 3 settings having the same key name.



  • Feature: Add UAseco convert script. See documentation on converting from old controller for instructions.
  • Improved: Updated libraries and dependencies.
  • Bugfix: Catch error when server initiated callvote, thanks to @teemann.
  • Bugfix: Fix the release/update checker.



  • Bugfix: Fix issue with switching to custom script (lower case not found), specially teams mode.



  • Improvement: Bump XML-RPC Script API to version 2.2.0.
  • Improvement: Show the Round Score build-in ui (nadeo widget) and move it a bit.
  • Improvement: Move the build-in warmup ui (nadeo widget) a bit.


  • Feature: Add //shuffle and //readmaplist. Both are unsure to work.
  • Improvement: Further investigate and report issues related to Dedimania.
  • Bugfix: Fixing negative count issue on the info widgets.
  • Bugfix: Remove faulty and debug line from dedimania api catch block.
  • Bugfix: Properly handle the dedimania response when player is not correct.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issues with boolean values and the //modesettings GUI.



  • Improvement: Add command ignore and /version improvements.
  • Improvement: Disable the live infos in the left upper corner (player join/leave, 1st finish).
  • Bugfix: Issue with database collate and utf8mb4, nickname parsing issue has been solved.
  • Bugfix: Don’t auto reload and use different environments for the template engine. Should improve performance very much.
  • Bugfix: Ignore unknown login at the chat and UI managers.
  • Bugfix: Ignore key interrupt exception trace when stopping PyPlanet while it has got a reboot in the mean time.
  • Bugfix: Hide the ALT menu in shootmania, just as it should do since before 0.4.0.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with checking for updates could result in a exception trace in the console for some installations with older setuptools.
  • Bugfix: Fixing an issue that results in fetching data for widget several times while it’s not needed (thinking it’s per player data when it isn’t). (Thanks to Chris92)


  • Improvement: Make it able to drive dedimania records on short maps made by Nadeo.
  • Improvement: Make the improvement time blue like Nadeo also does in the sector times widget.
  • Improvement: Always show nickname of the map author and make it switchable by clicking on it.
  • Bugfix: Don’t set the time of the spectator as your best time in the sector times widget.
  • Bugfix: Problems that could lead to dedimania not being init currently on the map if the map was replayed.
  • Bugfix: Hide dedimania if map is not supported.
  • Bugfix: Fix the offset issue for the live rankings widget (in TA mode).
  • Bugfix: Fix the incorrect number of spec/player count on the top left info widget.



  • Breaking: Refactored the TemplateView to make it able to use player data way more efficient.

    This is a deprecation for the method get_player_data. From now on, use the get_all_player_data or the better get_per_player_data. More info: pyplanet.views.

    The old method will not be called from 0.6.0

  • Feature: UI Overhaul is done! We replaced the whole GUI for a nicer, simple and modern one! With large inspiration of LongLife’s posted image (

  • Feature: UI Update queue, Don’t make the dedicated hot by sending UI updates in realtime, but queue up and sent every 0,25 seconds. (Performance)

  • Improvement: Removing the fix for symbols in nicknames/chat (fix for the maniaplanet dedicated/client issue earlier).

  • Improvement: Add analytics.

  • Improvement: Don’t report several exceptions to Sentry.

  • Improvement: Remove SQlite references in code and project skeleton.

  • Improvement: Give error message when loaded script is using old style scripted callbacks.

  • Improvement: Dynamic future timeouts for script/gbx queries.

  • Improvement: Add ManiaScript libs includes in core. Will be expanded, open pull requests if needed!

  • Improvement: Adding two new signals for players when entering spec/player slot.

  • Bugfix: Adding several investigation points to send more data about problems that occur for some users.


  • Breaking: Refactor the MapInfo app to Info app. Adding new features: Server and general info on top left corner.

    This requires a config change: Change pyplanet.apps.contrib.mapinfo into and you are done!

    The old app will be removed in 0.6.0

  • Feature: New App: Shootmania Royal Dynamic Point Limit is here! Add it with pyplanet.apps.contrib.dynamic_points.

  • Feature: New App: Trackmania Checkpoint/Sector time widget is here! Add it with pyplanet.apps.contrib.sector_times.

  • Feature: Change modesettings directly from the GUI (//modesettings).

  • Improvement: Apply the new UI Overhaul to all apps.

  • Improvement: Add message when dedimania records are sent.

  • Improvement: Improve the dedimania error handling even better.

  • Improvement: Notice when map is not suited for dedimania records.

  • Improvement: Several performance improvements on the dedimania and localrecords apps.

  • Improvement: Add dynamic actions to map list, such as deletion of maps.

  • Improvement: Modesettings list is ordered by name by default now.

  • Bugfix: Adding several investigation points to send more data about problems that occur for some users.

  • Bugfix: Trying to sent dedi records when dedimania isn’t initialized bug is solved.

  • Bugfix: Prevent double message of dedimania record when switching game modes.

  • Bugfix: Fixing double local records (or investigate more if it still occurs).



  • Bugfix: Ignore errors with unknown login for ui updates. (means the player left).


  • Bugfix: Fixing issues with dedimania and unsupported maps.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issues with dedimania and replays.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issues with local records widget showing the wrong offset.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issues with local records and double records.
  • Improvement: Some not visible improvements to the local record widget logic.



  • Bugfix: Not properly sending and handling mode changes.
  • Bugfix: Several errors in handling the callbacks in shootmania


  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with removing or erasing maps.
  • Improvement: Dedimania now also works in cup mode.
  • Feature: Add //replay command for admins, make it able to juke the current map for non-players (ops and admins)



  • Improvement: Multiple namespaces per command + improve help.
  • Improvement: Hide the alt menu in shootmania when having a window in the middle.
  • Improvement: Add method to retrieve map by index.
  • Bugfix: Save boolean in the //settings
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with writing the map list.
  • Bugfix: Handling of fetching player in a callback for shootmania.
  • Bugfix: Several fixes for shootmania modes.


  • Improvement: Make dedimania record message shorter.
  • Bugfix: Double prefix in leave messages.
  • Bugfix: Dedimania nickname fetching gave error. Sometimes the widget didn’t work properly.
  • Bugfix: Improve error handling in Dedimania.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with write map list (admin part of it).
  • Bugfix: Don’t display the time of the author when in shootmania



  • Feature: Refactor the app config class so you can define apps in and use shorter configuration, (backward compatible for current contrib apps).
  • Feature: Signals runs with gather mode (parallel) now. Makes this way more faster!
  • Feature: Add save hook to setting object.
  • Feature: Chat contrib component, for shorter syntax at sending and preparing chat messages.
  • Feature: Refactor the GBX component, for shorter syntax at sending and preparing Gbx Methods.
  • Feature: Make it able to change the UI Properties from the games
  • Feature: Add ‘suggestion or bug’ report button.
  • Improvement: Unknown command message.
  • Improvement: Makes it faster to display local records.
  • Improvement: Refactor the local record code.


  • Feature: Add Live Rankings app (beta). Add it to your!
  • Feature: Add chat announce limit in local and dedi records.
  • Improvement: Autosave matchsettings on insertion of map.
  • Improvement: Hide dedimania widget on downtime.
  • Improvement: Better error handling in dedimania app.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with displaying WhoKarma list.
  • Bugfix: Fixing path issues in MX app.



  • Feature: Improved performance with the all new Performance Mode. This will improve performance for a player threshold that is freely configurable.
  • Feature: Technical: Add option to strip styles/colors from searchable column in listviews.
  • Feature: Technical: Add shortcut to get an app setting from global setting manager.
  • Improvement: Improve log color for readability.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with integer or other numeric values and the value 0 in the //settings values.
  • Bugfix: Replace invalid UTF-8 from the dedicated response to hotfix (dirty fix) the bug in client with dedicated communication.


  • Feature: New app: Transactions: Features donations and payments to players as the actual planets stats. Activate the app now in your!!
  • Feature: Map info shows nickname of author if the author nickname is known.
  • Feature: /list [search] directly searching in map list.
  • Feature: Implement //modesettings to show and change settings of the current mode script.
  • Feature: Restrict karma voting to count after the player finishes the map for X times (optional).
  • Feature: Apply the performance mode improvements to the local and dedimania records widgets.
  • Feature: Add command to restart PyPlanet pool process. //reboot
  • Improvement: Changed dedimania record text chat color.
  • Improvement: Changed welcome player nickname default color (white).
  • Improvement: Reduced length of record chat messages.
  • Improvement: Add player level name to the join/leave messages.
  • Bugfix: Jukebox current map gives errors and exceptions.
  • Bugfix: Ignore color and style codes inside /list searching.
  • Bugfix: Some small improvements on widgets (black window behind local/dedi removed and more transparent)



  • Bugfix: Fixing several issues related to the connection and parsing of the payload.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with the BeginMatch callback.
  • Bugfix: Change issues related to the utf8mb4 unicode collate (max index lengths).


  • Bugfix: Fixing several issues with the dedimania app.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with local and dedimania records being saved double (2 records for 1 player). (#157).
  • Bugfix: Fixing several exception handling in dedimania app.



  • Bugfix: Undo locking, causing freeze.



  • Bugfix: Fixing issue in dedimania causing crash.



  • Bugfix: Filter out XML parse error of Dedicated Server (#121).
  • Bugfix: Give copy of connected players instead of a reference to prevent change of list when looping (#117).
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue when player rapidly connects and disconnects, giving error (#126 & #116).


  • Bugfix Karma: Fixing whokarma list not displaying due to error (#122 & #118).
  • Bugfix Dedimania: Reconnection issues (#130).
  • Improvement Local Records: Improve performance on sending information (chat message) on large servers. (#139).
  • Improvement Dedimania Records: Improve performance on sending information (chat message) on large servers. (#139).
  • Improvement Dedimania Records: Improve the error reporting and implement shorter timeout + retry procedure (#139).



  • Fixing issue with creating migrations folder when no permission.



  • Add new fields to the game state class.
  • Refresh the game infos every minute.

Contrib Apps

  • NEW: Dedimania App: Adding dedimania integration and widget.


Contrib Apps

  • Bugfix Local Records: Widget showing wrong offset of records. (Not showing own record if just in the first part of >5 recs) (#107).


Contrib Apps

  • Bugfix Local Records: Widget not updating when map changed. Login not found exception. (#106).



  • First implementation of the core.
  • First implementation of the CLI tool.

Contrib Apps

Admin pyplanet.apps.contrib.admin

  • Feature: Basic map functions: skip / restart / add local / remove / erase / writemaplist
  • Feature: Basic player functions: ignore / kick / ban / blacklist
  • Feature: Basic server functions: set passwords (play / spectator)

Map list + jukebox pyplanet.apps.contrib.jukebox

  • Feature: Display maplist with maps currently on the server
  • Feature: Basic jukebox functions: list / drop / add / clear (admin-only)

Map karma pyplanet.apps.contrib.karma

  • Feature: Basic map karma (++ / –)
  • Feature: Display who voted what (whokarma)

Local records pyplanet.apps.contrib.local_records

  • Feature: Saving local records
  • Feature: Display current first/personal record on map begin (in chat)
  • Feature: Display list of records

Playerlist pyplanet.apps.contrib.players

  • Feature: Add join/leave messages.


  • Feature: Add MX maps (//add mx [id(s]).
  • Feature: Implement MX API Client.