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import async_generator
import asyncio_extras
import os
import shutil
import aiofiles

from import StorageDriver

[docs]class LocalDriver(StorageDriver): """ Local storage driver is using the Python build-in file access utilities for accessing a local storage-like system. :option BASE_PATH: Override the maniaplanet given base path. """ def __init__(self, instance, config: dict = None): super().__init__(instance, config) self.override_base_path = config['BASE_PATH'] if 'BASE_PATH' in config else None def absolute(self, path): if self.override_base_path: return os.path.join(self.override_base_path, path) return os.path.join(self.base_dir or '', path) async def chmod(self, path: str, mode: int, **kwargs): os.chmod(self.absolute(path), mode, **kwargs) async def chown(self, path: str, uid: int, gid: int, **kwargs): os.chown(self.absolute(path), uid, gid, **kwargs) async def close(self, **kwargs): pass @asyncio_extras.async_contextmanager async def open(self, filename: str, mode: str = 'r', **kwargs): fh = await, mode, **kwargs) await async_generator.yield_(fh) async def get(self, remotepath: str, localpath: str, **kwargs): return shutil.copy(src=self.absolute(remotepath), dst=localpath) async def put(self, localpath: str, remotepath: str, **kwargs): return shutil.copy(src=localpath, dst=self.absolute(remotepath)) async def listdir(self, path='.', **kwargs): return os.listdir(self.absolute(path)) async def mkdir(self, path, mode=511, **kwargs): os.mkdir(self.absolute(path), mode) async def remove(self, path: str, **kwargs): os.unlink(self.absolute(path), **kwargs) async def rename(self, oldpath: str, newpath: str, **kwargs): os.rename(self.absolute(oldpath), self.absolute(newpath)) async def rmdir(self, path: str, **kwargs): shutil.rmtree(self.absolute(path), **kwargs) async def stat(self, path: str, **kwargs): return os.stat(self.absolute(path), **kwargs) async def exists(self, path: str, **kwargs): return os.path.exists(self.absolute(path)) async def is_file(self, path: str, **kwargs): return os.path.isfile(self.absolute(path)) async def is_dir(self, path: str, **kwargs): return os.path.isdir(self.absolute(path)) async def is_link(self, path: str, **kwargs): return os.path.islink(self.absolute(path)) async def symlink(self, source: str, dest: str, **kwargs): os.symlink(self.absolute(source), self.absolute(dest), **kwargs) async def touch(self, path: str, **kwargs): async with, 'w+') as fh: await fh.write('') def openable(self): return True