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import asyncio
import os
import logging
import re

from xmlrpc.client import Fault
from peewee import DoesNotExist

from pyplanet.utils.log import handle_exception
from pyplanet.apps.core.maniaplanet.models import Map
from pyplanet.conf import settings
from pyplanet.contrib import CoreContrib
from import MapNotFound, MapException, ModeIncompatible
from pyplanet.core.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured

[docs]class MapManager(CoreContrib): """ Map Manager. Manages the current map pool and the current and next map. .. todo:: Write introduction. .. warning:: Don't initiate this class yourself. """ def __init__(self, instance): """ Initiate, should only be done from the core instance. :param instance: Instance. :type instance: pyplanet.core.instance.Instance """ self._instance = instance self.lock = asyncio.Lock() # The matchsettings contains the name of the current loaded matchsettings file. self._matchsettings = None # The maps contain a list of map instances in the order that are in the current loaded list. self._maps = set() # The current map will always be in this variable. The next map will always be here. It will be updated. once # it's updated it should be send to the dedicated to queue the next map. self._previous_map = None self._current_map = None self._next_map = None # Hold the original TA limit for the /extend and //extend functions. self._is_extended = False self._original_ta = None # Regular Expression to extract the MX-ID from a filename. self._mx_id_regex = re.compile('(?:PyPlanet-MX\\/)([A-Z]{2})-(\\d+)\\.') async def on_start(self): self._instance.signals.listen('maniaplanet:playlist_modified', lambda: '') self._instance.signals.listen('maniaplanet:podium_start', self._podium_start) # Fully update list + database. await self.update_list(full_update=True) # Get current and next map. self._current_map, self._next_map = await asyncio.gather( self.handle_map_change(await self._instance.gbx('GetCurrentMapInfo')), self.handle_map_change(await self._instance.gbx('GetNextMapInfo')), ) self._previous_map = None
[docs] async def handle_map_change(self, info): """ This will be called from the glue that creates the signal 'maniaplanet:map_begin' or 'map_end'. :param info: Mapinfo in dict. :return: Map instance. :rtype: """ # Try to retrieve the MX-id from the filename. mx_id = self._extract_mx_id(info['FileName']) # Get or create. map_info = await Map.get_or_create_from_info( uid=info['UId'], name=info['Name'], author_login=info['Author'], file=info['FileName'], environment=info['Environnement'], map_type=info['MapType'], map_style=info['MapStyle'], num_laps=info['NbLaps'], num_checkpoints=info['NbCheckpoints'], time_author=info['AuthorTime'], time_bronze=info['BronzeTime'], time_silver=info['SilverTime'], time_gold=info['GoldTime'], price=info['CopperPrice'], mx_id=mx_id, ) self._previous_map = self._current_map self._current_map = map_info return map_info
async def handle_playlist_change(self, source, **kwargs): pass # if source and source[2]: # return await self.update_list(full_update=True) def _extract_mx_id(self, file_name): """ Try to extract the MX-id from a filename. :param file_name: File name from Dedicated. :type file_name: str :return: String or None """ matches = re.findall(self._mx_id_regex, file_name) if not matches or len(matches) != 1 or len(matches[0]) != 2: return None return matches[0][1] async def _podium_start(self, **kwargs): """ Handle start of podium to reset ta limit if extended. :param kwargs: :return: """ # Set back the timer if time has been extended. if self._is_extended and self._original_ta: mode_settings = await self._instance.mode_manager.get_settings() if 'S_TimeLimit' not in mode_settings: return mode_settings['S_TimeLimit'] = self._original_ta await self._instance.mode_manager.update_settings(mode_settings) self._is_extended = False self._original_ta = None async def update_list(self, full_update=False, detach_fks=True): raw_list = await self._instance.gbx('GetMapList', -1, 0) updated = list() if full_update: # Query all existing entries from database. maps = list(await Map.execute( << [m['UId'] for m in raw_list]) )) db_uids = [m.uid for m in maps] diff = [x for x in raw_list if x['UId'] not in db_uids] # Insert all missing maps into the DB. rows = list() for details in diff: mx_id = self._extract_mx_id(details['FileName']) # HACK: Due to a limited map name length of 150 chars, we want to strip it to the maximum possible. # This is a temporary fix and should be better handled in the future. name = details['Name'] if len(name) > 150: name = name[:150] logging.getLogger(__name__).warning('Map name is very long, truncating to 150 chars.') rows.append(dict( uid=details['UId'], file=details['FileName'], name=name, author_login=details['Author'], environment=details['Environnement'], time_gold=details['GoldTime'], price=details['CopperPrice'], map_type=details['MapType'], map_style=details['MapStyle'], mx_id=mx_id )) if len(rows) > 0: await Map.execute(Map.insert_many(rows)) maps += list(await Map.execute( << [m['uid'] for m in rows]) )) async with self.lock: self._maps = set(maps) # Reload locals for all maps. # TODO: Find better way to remove this and handle it on the folders way. coroutines = list() if 'local_records' in self._instance.apps.apps: if detach_fks: asyncio.ensure_future(self._instance.apps.apps['local_records'].load_map_locals()) else: coroutines.append(self._instance.apps.apps['local_records'].load_map_locals()) # Reload karma for all maps. if 'karma' in self._instance.apps.apps: if detach_fks: asyncio.ensure_future(self._instance.apps.apps['karma'].load_map_votes()) else: coroutines.append(self._instance.apps.apps['karma'].load_map_votes()) if coroutines: await asyncio.gather(*coroutines) else: # Only update/insert the changed bits, (not checking for removed maps!!). async with self.lock: for details in raw_list: if not any(m.uid == details['UId'] for m in self._maps): # Detect any MX-id from the filename. mx_id = self._extract_mx_id(details['FileName']) # Map not yet in self._maps. Add it. map_instance = await Map.get_or_create_from_info( details['UId'], details['FileName'], details['Name'], details['Author'], environment=details['Environnement'], time_gold=details['GoldTime'], price=details['CopperPrice'], map_type=details['MapType'], map_style=details['MapStyle'], mx_id=mx_id, ) self._maps.add(map_instance) updated.append(map_instance) return updated
[docs] async def get_map(self, uid=None): """ Get map instance by uid. :param uid: By uid (pk). :return: Player or exception if not found """ try: return await Map.get_by_uid(uid) except DoesNotExist: raise MapNotFound('Map not found.')
[docs] async def get_map_by_index(self, index): """ Get map instance by index id (primary key). :param index: Primary key index. :return: Map instance or raise exception. """ try: return await Map.get(id=index) except DoesNotExist: raise MapNotFound('Map not found.')
@property def next_map(self): """ The next scheduled map. :rtype: pyplanet.apps.core.maniaplanet.models.Map """ return self._next_map
[docs] async def set_next_map(self, map): """ Set the next map. This will prepare the manager to set the next map and will communicate the next map to the dedicated server. The Map parameter can be a map instance or the UID of the map. :param map: Map instance or UID string. :type map: pyplanet.apps.core.maniaplanet.models.Map, str """ if isinstance(map, str): map = await self.get_map(map) if not isinstance(map, Map): raise Exception('When setting the map, you should give an Map instance!') if map.file: await self._instance.gbx('ChooseNextMap', map.file) else: await self._instance.gbx('SetNextMapIdent', map.uid) self._next_map = map
@property def current_map(self): """ The current map, database model instance. :rtype: pyplanet.apps.core.maniaplanet.models.Map """ return self._current_map @property def previous_map(self): """ The previously played map, or None if not known! :rtype: pyplanet.apps.core.maniaplanet.models.Map """ return self._previous_map @property def maps(self): """ Get the maps that are currently loaded on the server. The list should contain model instances of the currently loaded matchsettings. This list should be up-to-date. :rtype: list """ return self._maps
[docs] async def set_current_map(self, map): """ Set the current map and jump to it. :param map: Map instance or uid. """ if isinstance(map, str): map = await self.get_map(map) if not isinstance(map, Map): raise Exception('When setting the map, you should give an Map instance!') await self._instance.gbx('JumpToMapIdent', map.uid) self._next_map = map
[docs] def playlist_has_map(self, uid): """ Check if our current playlist has a map with the UID given. :param uid: UID String :return: Boolean, True if it's in our current playlist (match settings in our session). """ for map_instance in self.maps: if map_instance.uid == uid: return True return False
[docs] async def add_map(self, filename, insert=True, save_matchsettings=True): """ Add or insert map to current online playlist. :param filename: Load from filename relative to the 'Maps' directory on the dedicated host server. :param insert: Insert after the current map, this will make it play directly after the current map. True by default. :param save_matchsettings: Save match settings as well. :type filename: str :type insert: bool :type save_matchsettings: bool :raise: :raise: """ gbx_method = 'InsertMap' if insert else 'AddMap' try: result = await self._instance.gbx(gbx_method, filename) except Fault as e: if 'unknown' in e.faultString: raise MapNotFound('Map is not found on the server.') elif 'already' in e.faultString: raise MapException('Map already added to server.') raise MapException(e.faultString) # Try to save match settings. try: if save_matchsettings: await self.save_matchsettings() except Exception as e: handle_exception(e, __name__, 'add_map', extra_data={'EXTRAHOOK': 'Map Insert bug, see #306'}) return result
[docs] async def upload_map(self, fh, filename, insert=True, overwrite=False): """ Upload and add/insert the map to the current online playlist. :param fh: File handler, bytesio object or any readable context. :param filename: The filename when saving on the server. Must include the map.gbx! Relative to 'Maps' folder. :param insert: Insert after the current map, this will make it play directly after the current map. True by default. :param overwrite: Overwrite current file if exists? Default False. :type filename: str :type insert: bool :type overwrite: bool :raise: :raise: :raise: """ exists = await if exists and not overwrite: raise MapException('Map with filename already located on server!') if not exists: await'{}{}'.format(, filename)) async with, 'wb+') as fw: await fw.write( return await self.add_map(filename, insert=insert)
[docs] async def remove_map(self, map, delete_file=False): """ Remove and optionally delete file from server and playlist. :param map: Map instance or filename in string. :param delete_file: Boolean to decide if we are going to remove the file from the server too. Defaults to False. :type delete_file: bool :raise: :raise: """ if isinstance(map, Map): map = map.file if not isinstance(map, str): raise ValueError('Map must be instance or string uid!') try: success = await self._instance.gbx('RemoveMap', map) if success: the_map = None for m in self._maps: if m.file == map: the_map = m break if the_map: self._maps.remove(the_map) except Fault as e: if 'unknown' in e.faultString: raise MapNotFound('Dedicated can\'t find map. Already removed?') raise MapException('Error when removing map from playlist: {}'.format(e.faultString)) # Try to save match settings. try: await self.save_matchsettings() except: pass # Delete the actual file. if delete_file: try: await except: raise MapException('Can\'t delete map file after removing from playlist.')
async def _override_timelimit(self, filename): """ Called to overwrite S_TimeLimit in MatchSettings file if the current map is extended :param filename: Give the filename of the matchsettings. """ if self._is_extended and self._original_ta: try: async with, filename), 'r+') as f: content = await f.readlines() for i in range(len(content)): if 'S_TimeLimit' in content[i]: content[i] = re.sub('value="(.+?)"', 'value="{}"'.format(self._original_ta), content[i]) await await f.write(''.join(content)) await f.truncate() break except: logging.getLogger(__name__).warning('Can\'t update matchsettings with original time limit to \'{}\'!'.format(filename))
[docs] async def save_matchsettings(self, filename=None): """ Save the current playlist and configuration to the matchsettings file. :param filename: Give the filename of the matchsettings, Leave empty to use the current loaded and configured one. :type filename: str :raise: :raise: """ setting = settings.MAP_MATCHSETTINGS if isinstance(setting, dict) and self._instance.process_name in setting: setting = setting[self._instance.process_name] if not isinstance(setting, str): setting = None if not filename and not setting: raise ImproperlyConfigured( 'The setting \'MAP_MATCHSETTINGS\' is not configured for this server! We can\'t save the Match Settings!' ) if not filename: filename = 'MatchSettings/{}'.format( setting.format( ) try: await self._instance.gbx('SaveMatchSettings', filename) await self._override_timelimit(filename) except Exception as e: logging.exception(e) raise MapException('Can\'t save matchsettings to \'{}\'!'.format(filename)) from e
[docs] async def load_matchsettings(self, filename): """ Load Match Settings file and insert it into the current map playlist. :param filename: File to load, relative to Maps folder. :return: Boolean if loaded. """ try: if not await os.path.join(, filename) ): raise MapException('Can\'t find match settings file. Does it exist?') else: await self._instance.gbx('LoadMatchSettings', filename) except Exception as e: logging.warning('Can\'t load match settings!') raise MapException('Can\'t load matchsettings according the dedicated server, tried loading from \'{}\'!'.format(filename)) from e
[docs] async def extend_ta(self, extend_with=None): """ Extend time limit of the current map. Extend with given seconds, or double the original TA timer if None is given. :param extend_with: Extend with the given seconds, or None for adding the original TA limit to the current limit(double) :type extend_with: int :return: """ mode_settings = await self._instance.mode_manager.get_settings() if 'S_TimeLimit' not in mode_settings: raise ModeIncompatible('Current mode doesn\'t support the extend TA method. Not Time Attack?') temp_mode_settings = mode_settings.copy() original_ta = self._original_ta or temp_mode_settings['S_TimeLimit'] if not extend_with: extend_with = original_ta if extend_with > 2000000000: extend_with = 2000000000 temp_mode_settings['S_TimeLimit'] += abs(extend_with) if temp_mode_settings['S_TimeLimit'] > 2000000000: temp_mode_settings['S_TimeLimit'] = 2000000000 if not self._is_extended or not self._original_ta: self._original_ta = mode_settings['S_TimeLimit'] self._is_extended = True await self._instance.mode_manager.update_settings(temp_mode_settings) return extend_with