Create app

You can create an app in different places. For private apps we recommend using the apps folder in your root project directory.

If you are planning to develop an app for other servers and you want to publish it on PyPi for example, we advise to create your own module folder in your development project root.


You can use the CLI tool to generate an API module for you.

pyplanet init_app app_module

1. Create Config

The main entry is the applications config class itself. It is an extended class of the base pyplanet.apps.AppConfig.

You have to create a file named in your app module containing the implementation of the config class. Example is bellow.

class Admin(AppConfig):
  game_dependencies = ['trackmania', 'shootmania']
  # Game dependencies. We will check if the current game is in the list (or).
  # Leave undeclared for everything

  mode_dependencies = ['TimeAttack']
  # All the scripted mode file names that are supported by this app.
  # Leave undeclared for everything

  app_dependencies = ['core.maniaplanet']
  # Dependencies to other apps.
  # We will make sure that the dependent apps are started first!

  def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
    super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) = 'anything here'

  # Implement the life cycle method if you need them. Make sure you call the super in the methods!

2. Create models

In the same App module you can either create a single models file calling or a module models. When you are using the module method, you need to import all the model files in the models/

Please take a look at the page Define models on how to create model declarations.

3. Add to configuration

Make sure you add your new App to your configuration.

APPS = {
  'default': [

4. Enable debug

Make sure you enable the DEBUG mode during development, this prevents the PyPlanet team from thinking that your App is giving issues in production environments.

You can enable debug either with using the environment variable PYPLANET_DEBUG or by editing the configuration:

DEBUG = True

5. Start PyPlanet

Your ready to get started. Start PyPlanet!