Source code for pyplanet.god.pool

import os
import time
import logging
import multiprocessing

from logging.handlers import QueueListener

from pyplanet.utils.livereload import LiveReload
from pyplanet.god import process

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class EnvironmentPool: """ This class manages the pool instances for the current environment/installation. .. warning:: You should not have to use this class in any moment! """ def __init__(self, pool_names, max_restarts=0, options=None): self.names = pool_names self.queue = multiprocessing.Queue() self.pool = dict() self.max_restarts = max_restarts self.options = options or dict() self.dog_path = os.curdir self.dog_handler = LiveReload(self) # self.dog_observer = Observer() # self.dog_observer.schedule(self.dog_handler, self.dog_path, recursive=True) if multiprocessing.get_start_method() != 'fork': # pragma: no cover root_logger = logging.getLogger() self.log_listener = QueueListener(self.queue, *root_logger.handlers) # TODO: Find out how to get the watchdog + livereload working on a later moment. # self.dog_observer.start() self._restarts = dict() @property def num_online(self): count = 0 for proc in self.pool.values(): if not proc.did_die: count += 1 return count
[docs] def populate(self): """ Populate the pool instance processes, (prepares the processes). """ for name in self.names: self.pool[name] = process.InstanceProcess(queue=self.queue, environment_name=name, options=self.options) self._restarts[name] = 0 return self
[docs] def start(self): """ Start all processes. """ for name, proc in self.pool.items(): proc.start()
[docs] def shutdown(self): """ Shutdown all processes. """ for name, proc in self.pool.items():'Shutting down {}...'.format(name)) if 'detach' in self.options and self.options['detach']: proc.shutdown() else: proc.graceful()
# self.dog_observer.stop()
[docs] def restart(self, name=None): """ Restart single process, or all if no name is given. :param name: Name or none for all pools. """ if name: self.pool[name] = process.InstanceProcess(queue=self.queue, environment_name=name) self._restarts[name] += 1 self.pool[name].start() else: for name in self.pool.keys(): self.restart(name)
[docs] def watchdog(self): """ Watch all the processes. (Blocking method!). """ logger.debug('Starting watchdog... watching {} instances'.format(len(self.pool))) while True: num_alive = 0 for name, proc in self.pool.items(): if proc.did_die: # Process wants a restart! = exit code 50. if proc.exitcode == 50: self.restart(name) # Make sure we don't kill our god at the end of the loop. num_alive = 1 # Status changed from 'online' to 'offline' elif self._restarts[name] < self.max_restarts: logger.critical('The instance \'{}\' just died. We will restart the instance!'.format(name)) self.restart(name) num_alive += 1 else: logger.critical('The instance \'{}\' just died. We will not restart!'.format(name)) else: num_alive += 1 # Check if there are still processes alive. if num_alive == 0: logger.critical('All instances died. Quitting now...') exit(1) time.sleep(2)