Source code for pyplanet.contrib.converter.base

import pymysql
import pymysql.cursors

[docs]class BaseConverter: """ Base Converter is the abstract converter class. Please take a look at the other classes bellow. """ def __init__( self, instance, db_type, db_host, db_name, db_user=None, db_password=None, db_port=None, prefix=None, charset='utf8' ): """ Create converter. :param instance: Controller instance. :param db_type: Type, mysql by default. :param db_host: Hostname :param db_name: Name of db schema/database :param db_user: Username :param db_password: Password :param db_port: Port. :param prefix: Table prefix. :param charset: Charset of source db. Only supporting utf8 now. :param extra: Any extra parameters given. :type instance: pyplanet.core.instance.Instance """ self.instance = instance self.db_type = db_type self.db_host = db_host self.db_name = db_name self.db_user = db_user self.db_password = db_password self.db_port = db_port self.prefix = prefix or '' self.charset = charset self.connection = None async def connect(self): await self.instance.db.connect() await await self.instance.db.initiate() if self.db_type != 'mysql': raise Exception('We only support mysql converting right now!') self.connection = pymysql.connect( host=self.db_host, user=self.db_user, password=self.db_password, db=self.db_name, charset=self.charset, port=self.db_port or 3306, cursorclass=pymysql.cursors.DictCursor ) async def start(self): if not self.connection: raise Exception('Please connect first (connect()).') return await self.migrate(self.connection) async def migrate(self, source_connection): raise NotImplementedError