Source code for pyplanet.contrib.command.manager

import textwrap

from pyplanet.contrib import CoreContrib
from pyplanet.contrib.command.command import Command

[docs]class CommandManager(CoreContrib): """ The Command Manager contributed extension is a manager that controls all chat-commands in the game. Your app needs to use this manager to register any custom commands you want to provide. You should access this class within your app like this: .. code-block:: python self.instance.command_manager You can register your commands like this: .. code-block:: python await self.instance.command_manager.register( Command(command='reboot', target=self.reboot_pool, perms='admin:reboot', admin=True), ) More information of the command and the options of it, see the :class:`pyplanet.contrib.command.Command` class. .. warning:: Don't initiate this class yourself. Access this class from the ``self.instance.command_manager`` instance. """ def __init__(self, instance): """ Init manager. :param instance: Controller Instance :type instance: pyplanet.core.instance.Instance """ self._instance = instance self._commands = list() async def on_start(self, **kwargs): # Register events. self._instance.signals.listen('maniaplanet:player_chat', self._on_chat)
[docs] async def register(self, *commands): """ Register your command. :param commands: Command instance. :type commands: pyplanet.contrib.command.command.Command """ self._commands.extend(commands)
[docs] async def execute(self, player, command, *args): """ Execute a command for the given player with the given args. :param player: Player instance. :type player: pyplanet.apps.core.maniaplanet.models.player.Player :param command: Command instance. :type command: pyplanet.contrib.command.command.Command :param args: Args for the command, will be concat into a string with spaces. :return: """ if isinstance(command, Command): command_text = '//' if command.admin else '/' if command.namespace: command_text += command.namespace + ' ' command_text += command.command else: command_text = command return await self._on_chat(player, ' '.join([command_text] + list(args)), True)
async def _on_chat(self, player, text, cmd, **kwargs): # Only take action if the chat entry is a command. if not cmd: return # Parse command. argv = text.split(' ') if not argv: return # Replace the / in the first part. argv[0] = argv[0][1:] # Check if we need to ignore the command. if len(argv) > 0 and argv[0] in ['serverlogin']: return # Try to match the command prefix by one of the registered commands. command = None for cmd in self._commands: if cmd.match(argv): command = cmd break # Let the command handle the logic it needs. if command: return await command.handle(self._instance, player, argv) # Send command not found message. await '$z$sCommand unknown. For all commands type /help or //help. ' 'Powered by $l[]$FD4Py$369Planet', player.login ),
[docs] async def get_command_by_command_text(self, command): """ Get command by command text. (Used in the /help command) :param command: Command entry, array of strings (split by spaces). :return: Command object. """ # Find the right command. for cmd in self._commands: if cmd.match(command): return cmd return None
[docs] async def help_entries(self, player, admin_only): # pragma: no cover """ Get all help entries for the player. :param player: Player instance. :param admin_only: Only the admin commands or non-admin. True for admin only, False for player only. Will filter on permissions of the player as well! :return: List of commands objects. """ # All commands. commands = [c for c in self._commands if c.admin is admin_only] if admin_only: commands = [c for c in commands if await c.has_permission(self._instance, player)] return commands