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PyPlanet is a Maniaplanet Dedicated Server Controller that works on Python 3.5 and later. Because Maniaplanet is using an system that can be event based we use AsyncIO to provide a event loop and have simultaneously processing of received events from the dedicated server.


  • Core: Super fast and ‘event’ driven based on Python 3.5 asyncio eventloop.
  • Core: Stable and well designed core and apps system. (Inspired by Django).
  • Core: All apps will handle the game experience.
  • Core: Adjustable settings for all your apps.
  • Core: Supports Trackmania and Shootmania, Scripted only!
  • App: Local Records, including widget + list.
  • App: Dedimania Records, including widget + list.
  • App: Admin Commands, Providing with basic commands and control for maintaining your server.
  • App: Karma, Let your players vote on your maps!
  • App: Jukebox, Let your players ‘juke’ the next map.
  • App: ManiaExchange, Simply add your maps directly from Mania-Exchange.
  • App: Players, This app shows messages when players join and leave.
  • App: Transactions, Donate planets to the server, show number of planets on server and pay out players.
  • App: Live Rankings, Show the live rankings of the game mode. (Trackmania).
  • App: Sector Times, Compare your checkpoint time against your local or dedimania record. (Trackmania).
  • App: Dynamic Pointlimit, Royal point limit adjustment based on the number of players. (Shootmania Royal).

Do you want to install PyPlanet, head towards our Getting Started Manual. Want to see PyPlanet in action, head to Screenshots.

The code is open source, and available on GitHub.

The main documentation for the site is organized into a couple sections:

Information about development of apps and the core is also available under:

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