Support & Contact

If you have any problems with starting PyPlanet, please report it on GitHub:

If you have any problems that are maybe not that PyPlanet related, please referer to the Maniaplanet Forum:

Demo Servers

There are several demo servers available. You need to search for servers on the following logins:

  • toffestaging1

  • toffestaging2

Who is behind PyPlanet


  • Toffe: Project and organisation lead.


  • Toffe: Lead developer of the PyPlanet project.


  • Toffe: Bundled Application developer.

  • TheM: Bundled Application developer.

  • Reaby: Bundled & External Application developer.


  • HaagseSmurf: Tester for the PyPlanet core and apps code.

External Contributors

  • StupsKiesel: App Contributor.

  • Moski: App Contributor.

Want to help us? Contact Toffe on Discord or Forum: Toffe#8999 or Forum Profile.