The game class holds information about the game itself and the server. The properties can be virtually overriden to be able to proxy to new/old syntaxes. This way we can provide a read-only data structure and still maintain the same structure if any of the third party API changes.

This class is available from the instance with

Most variables seem to contain None, but they actually get propagated during the start and connection with the dedicated server

dedicated_api_version = None
dedicated_build = None
dedicated_title = None
dedicated_version = None
game = None
game_from_environment(environment, game_name=None, title_id=None)[source]
ladder_max = None
ladder_min = None
server_data_dir = None
server_download_rate = None
server_ip = None
server_is_dedicated = None
server_is_private = None
server_is_server = None
server_language = None
server_map_dir = None
server_max_players = None
server_max_specs = None
server_name = None
server_next_max_players = None
server_next_max_specs = None
server_p2p_port = None
server_password = None
server_path = None
server_player_id = None
server_player_login = None
server_port = None
server_skin_dir = None
server_spec_password = None
server_upload_rate = None