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from pyplanet.contrib import CoreContrib
from import ChatQuery

[docs]class ChatManager(CoreContrib): """ The Chat manager is available with: ```` shortcut. """ def __init__(self, instance): """ Initiate, should only be done from the core instance. :param instance: Instance. :type instance: pyplanet.core.instance.Instance """ self.instance = instance def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs): if len(args) <= 0: return query = self.prepare(args[0], raw=kwargs.get('raw', False)) if len(args) > 1: query.to_players(args[1:]) return query
[docs] def prepare(self, message=None, raw=False): """ Prepare a Chat Query by returning a Chat Query object. :param message: Messsage predefined or build later. :param raw: Don't append prefixes or add any automatic message parts. :return: Query instance :rtype: """ return ChatQuery(self, message, auto_prefix=not raw)
[docs] def prepare_raw(self, message=None): """ Prepare raw message query without prefixes! :param message: Predefined message. :return: Query instance :rtype: """ return self.prepare(message, True)
[docs] async def execute(self, *queries): # pragma: no cover """ Execute and send one or multiple chat messages (prepared queries or raw strings) with a multicall. :param queries: One or more query instances or one or multiple strings that gets send as global messages. :return: The results of the multicall. """ return await self.instance.gbx.multicall( *[ q.gbx_query if isinstance(q, ChatQuery) else self.prepare_raw(str(q)).gbx_query for q in queries ] )